5 Ways to Come Up with Unique Article Titles and Topics for Your Blog

Everyone knows it's quite easy to start a blog. The only thing you need to get started as a  domain name, web hosting, and a quick and easy install of the WordPress software. These three components can provide you with a website or blog within minutes, while also providing you with the opportunity to not only start an online business and brand of your own, but also to create anything your little heart desires. At the end of the day all you need to do is come up with great ideas and content that can be published to your site.

However, this is where many bloggers and content creators find they struggle the most. When starting a new website or blog, you will likely come up with new ideas to write about all the time. However, as time goes on you will often find that you are running out of ideas and not sure how much you can keep writing about the same thing.

The important thing to remember here is that there are many ways to create content and also provide value to your audience in the process. Today we are going to look at 5 unique ways to start creating better content for your blog.

List Style Posts

One of the most fun and creative ways to create content on your site is to simply create a list style post. This can be done for basically any niche or content you are looking to create. A perfect example of this would be if you had a website or blog on gaming, then came up with a “Top list of video games you must play before you die!”. Then you could look through online video game sites like the Playstation blog and get ideas for what other gamers are currently interested in.. All you need to do is come up with a creative title and then make a list that your audience is already interested in.

Create an Infographic

In addition to creating text content for your site, more people are looking for visual content than ever before. A great way to turn your existing content on your site into visual through the use of infographics. Such graphics and images can be created by hiring someone through tool like Canva to create infographics of your own. Once your infographic has been created, don't forget to share on social media and post it to your own site.

Throw Together and Expert Roundup

Expert roundups are one of the best ways to create content for a website or blog. Instead of coming up with content yourself, you can simply send out a question to 20 or more expert within your space and allow them to provide you with answers that you can then compiled into one large Mega post. The great thing about expert round-offs is that not only will they be providing you with contents, they will also help share it with their audiences once the article goes life. You can see an example of an expert roundup here, where a bunch of online experts were asked about their favorite methods for creating content online.

Ask Your Audience a Question

If you've already written about a ton of different topics and simply don't know what to write about next, a great way to get around this is to Simply ask your audience. Not only will your audience provide you with feedback, some of them might come up with new ideas.

Start Accepting Guest Blog Posts

If you are having trouble coming up with content of your own, or simply don't have the time to keep writing new content. A great way to combat against this is the simply offer guest blogging on your own site. Other writers are always looking to contribute contents of other sites too not only gain backlinks an exposure for their own block or business, they also want to increase traffic back to their site as well.

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