Popcorn Time Remains Popular Even After Shutdown

One of the best, easiest and cheapest ways of watching movies and TV shows comfortably is through Popcorn Time; however one cannot be sure if it was completely secure. The makers of numerous movies are suing Popcorn time users for disregarding the copyright infringement rights. Even when it is such a major problem users’ want Popcorn Time back, Popcorn Time was down for some time but now its back up. You can find it on http://popcorntime-download.co.uk

Free open source software

Popcorn Time was a free program that could be operated on all platforms including, Mac, IOS, Linux, Windows and Android. Users are offered a great interface through which they can easily search for a movie and start watching it. Movies and TV shows, including the latest one and also some which have no released officially, can be viewed without any worries with just a single click.

This was one of the few interfaces that could be used to stream movies without having to download it. Behind the scenes the movie or video is downloaded and distributed across several platforms. The movies are re-distributed using peer-to-peer sharing making it possible for it to be accessible through several other platforms.

Different laws

Using the services of Popcorn Time the users are not getting caught since the app cannot be accused. The copyright laws vary from one country to another so, content that can be considered as pirated in one country might not be pirated in another country. Users can stay anonymous using a virtual private network, so that users do not get tracked through their network and devices. The service is included within Popcorn Time.

Film makers often keep an eye on the network of peer-to-peer sharing so as to ensure that a movie is not being shared. Through this they are able to access information of the user’s IP address, physical address. Thus, by using VPNs, one is creating a private virtual network which protects the users’ location.

There have not been many incidents in which the users have been targeted individually. Popcorn Time and other websites offering similar services often shut down from time to time since, the servers need to be changed. Thus, users also need to maintain a safety cover so that pirated content does not get one into trouble with the law.

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