The importance of adequate sleep

There is no doubt that a good night’s sleep is great for the health. It can be considered just important as food, water, breathing, and exercising. However, there are a big number of things that might be interfering with your natural patterns of sleep. It is not surprising that this is extremely common nowadays, though. People sleep more than they used to do in the past. With that, the quality of sleep has also decreased significantly. In case you sound like one of these, then we suggest you to go and see a sleep specialist as soon as possible.

What is the importance of a good sleeping schedule?

In this article, we put together a number of reasons that suggest the real importance of adequate sleep. These include the following:

Poor sleep results in overweight

It is not counterintuitive that poor sleep results in an increased bodyweight. Those who sleep for a shorter time in the night gain more weight than usual. In fact, this is one of the most common causes for obesity.

According to a number of extensive studies done on adults and children, those who have a short duration of sleep are about 55% more likely to suffer from obesity. There are numerous factors that cause this. Most commonly, it is believed that it happens due to the lack of motivation for exercise and the hormonal issues.

Good sleepers eat few calories

According to studies, those who sleep good and enough tend to eat less calories in comparison to those who stay awake. When we are sleep deprived, our appetite hormones start to fluctuate. This results in a very poor regulation of appetite. As a result of this, the levels of different hormones such as leptin reduces while ghrelin rise to the top.

Good sleep improves concentration

Have you ever heard that it is incredibly important to get good sleep for better concentration and productivity? This is true for a wide number of reasons. When we are sleep deprived, the brain does not release hormones properly. As a result of this, the brain has functions that are similar to lower levels of alcohol intoxications. At the same time, good sleep improves the problem solving skills while enhancing the memory also. This is something that is seen in both children and adult people alike.

Good sleep improves physical performance

With that, it would not be wrong to say that good sleep also tends to improve the physical performance of a person. In a study, those who sleep longer tend to play basketball better. Their accuracy, mental well-being, reaction times, and speed is all quite good.

In this regard, less sleep will also result in poorer levels of exercise. Hence, it will cause functional limitation in older men and women.

Higher risk of heart disease and stroke

In case you sleep less than 8 hours a night, then you will be at a higher risk of suffering from a stroke or a heart disease. So, make sure that you are getting just the right levels of sleep every night in order to prevent any issues like these.

Since both of these health ailments have been studied overtime and are proven by research, there is no doubt that this is true.

Ending note

In case you suspect that you are suffering from any sort of sleep disorder or issues that require medical attention, go to your nearest sleep clinics Silver Spring as soon as possible. The earlier you tackle this issue, the better it will be for you in terms of your health and mental well-being. You certainly do not want to experience the nasty effects.

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