How Well do You Know Your Body?

We can’t do anything about the past. The future is unknown. What people do today and from here forward will have an impact. - Dr. Marion Carroll, Ph.D.CSO, GenoVive

With access to nutritious foods and physical activity, you are well positioned to improve your health, right?

Not so fast. Knowing your body helps you make healthy choices. I don’t mean, know your body like you know how tall you are or how fast you can sprint. I mean, know your body at the molecular level. This depth of knowledge is often overlooked, even in ideal situations.

Did you know, “eating right” does not have the same meaning for everyone? For example, green apples may be helpful in digestion for some while for others, strawberries are better. This is a direct result of the person’s genetic make-up. Food is processed differently in each person’s body because each person’s DNA is unique, and DNA determines how a body reacts to certain foods food (and just about everything else for that matter).

However, eating right isn’t the only factor to health. Research has shown that one of the best ways to relieve poor mental health and to improve physical health is through exercise. Just like with food, not all bodies react to exercise the same way. For example, some people lose weight through running where as others lose it through cycling. Similarly, some feel better after a swim while others need to hike in order to clear their minds. It’s important to know which exercises are the most and least effective for your body, which is determined by your DNA.

So, how well do you know your body?

If you know what your ancestors were like and how their body operated after eating certain foods or performing specific exercises, you might have an idea of how your body will react to similar foods and activities. However, if you can’t follow your family tree back generations, you should consider getting your own DNA read so you know what to consume and what to avoid - for your body’s sake.

DNA testing isn’t hard. For example, through GenoVive it starts with a simple cheek swab, which is then analyzed by a team of professionals and interpreted by a health care professional.

Victor Castellon, PharmD, CEO of GenoVive says, “Your DNA sample delivers precious understanding about your exclusive metabolism. Knowing your DNA makeup may be the crucial to give you the information you want to make well lifestyle selections to reach health results.”

Therefore, since what you eat and how you exercise impacts both your wellbeing, it would behoove you to know what foods and exercise are best and worst for your body.

*Ask your healthcare provider for GenoVive’s DNA test.

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