The best mall amenities for 2015 holiday shopping

The holiday shopping season always comes with a whirlwind of lists, purchases, budgeting, and gift wrapping – and that’s without taking into consideration all of the decorating and traveling that many of us have to face. This year, many shoppers are trying to create an effective and efficient balance between shopping malls with fantastic amenities and online shopping for great last minute deals that let you skip the line.

As much as e-commerce has simplified a huge part of holiday shopping, there is still a lot to say for going to malls in person, provided they have the right amenities. Buying in person comes with a range of advantages, such as seeing the physical item which can make a big difference when it comes to clothing sizes, scented products, and even just the ability to ask questions to an employee before you walk out of the store with the item in your hands.

Malls with great amenities will let you do that while taking advantage of some additional features such as:

  • Gift wrapping – This can save you hours of time and can eliminate the risk of a sore back and countless paper cuts. Before you know it, all of your holiday packages will be gorgeous and ready to place under the tree.
  • Car wash service – Many metropolitan located malls are now offering an elite service for your car and it’s not valet! This may cost you a pretty penny but when you’re on the go during holiday rush hour, it might be worth it! One mall in Sherman Oaks California even offers auto detailing along with your valet but there are no car wash coupons for this…upside is the star studded patrons you may catch a glimpse of!
  • Supervised play centers – These fun zones for kids give them a place to enjoy themselves while you hit the stores and shop at your very best. This is especially important when you’re shopping for your little ones!
  • Free WiFi – Being able to use your smartphone to rapidly perform price checks, inventory checks and even read product reviews about something you’re seeing in a shop is a gift in itself. The only problem with WiFi is that it can eat through your battery life at a staggering rate.
  • Power stations – a lot of malls and even large events are sponsoring their own power station so you can plug in for free and charge up your . This can be handy except for the fact is, you have to stand there and wait for your phone to charge up – this can take longer than most of us have.

To combat this, make sure to keep an external battery charger with you. That way, you can plug in and keep your smartphone juiced up for as long as you’re picking out the perfect stocking stuffers for the year. Just be sure to choose the best portable charger you can find, such as the 5,000 mAh Mogix external battery charger that will give you at least a couple of full charges while still being small and light enough to tuck into your pocket.

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