Now get iPhone 6S mobile phone

The Apple iPhone 6s has the following specifications that make it the most awaited among the other models of iPhones.

  • Though the exterior design is the same, iPhone 6s has a rear camera that is 12 megapixels. You can now take high resolution pictures even with a rear camera in this Smartphone.
  • The touch screen is advanced and faster than its previous engineered models.
  • The multi touch screen has advance sensors that can not only sense a light touch but also pressure, that helps the user navigate through the iPhone 6s using pressure gestures.
  • This model also comes with the image stabilization feature. If you have taken a shaky video or a picture, it will be automatically stabilized before being saved.
  • You can also create short animation videos using the live photos feature which captures a series of pictures within a split of 1.5 seconds.
  • The Wi-Fi speed of iPhone 6s is also enhanced, which catches better speed that its predecessors.
  • The sales of iPhone 6s have shoot up to thirteen million within a week of its launch. These numbers are bigger and better than iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus.
  • The 64-bit A9 processor in iPhone 6s makes the CPU and also the GPU faster more than fifty percent compared to its precious models; ergo, all the applications and graphics can open with a greater speed in iPhone 6s.


For users who are in lower coverage density, they cannot store their communications in the iCloud online storage made available by Apple for all of its users, for storing files. In iPhone 6s this storage capacity varies between, 128GB, 64GB, and 16GB. Unless and until you have a good 4G coverage, it is not possible to use the iCloud feature. The iPhone 6s has many new features in the display and camera section.

The Apple iPhone 6s is now available to all the customers in Dubai, UAE through online shopping website at just 2599AED. This new product from Apple has been made available from the month of September, 2015 and is also available for all the customers in Dubai. All the iPhone aficionados looking for the latest version of iPhone with enhanced features of having a robust, unbreakable screen, and a glass that has an oleophobic coating, and a 3D display with multi touch feature, the wait has come to an end. You can now buy this latest version of iPhone in most of the stores in Dubai, UAE.

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