Jaipur fabric

Something that's always in vogue like Jaipur fabric

Every state in India reflects the culture, richness and traditional value of the country. Even After being ruled by the Britishers for over 300 years, and after being independent over 60 years, India still retains her own essence in every way and in every part of the country. The western part of India has Rajasthan, who justifies the word 'Royal' in every way. It is considered as the royal state of India. The clothes worn in this part of the country are bright, vibrant and have unusual designs. The fabric used to make such clothing is very popular worldwide.

Jaipur the capital city (also known as the pink city) produces the best and the most popular fabrics. Jaipur fabric goes through some very interesting process while they are being made. Jaipur clothes, bags, shoes, jewelry, are not only famous among their countrymen but also among the foreigners who visit the city every year.

Below are listed some popular Jaipur fabric that is used worldwide:

  1. Bandhej
  2. Bagru
  3. Sanganeri.

a) Bandhej:

Bandhej is a Hindi word which means tying. It is known as tie and dye fabric. A cloth is first tied in the fingernails and then dipped into the color and then designs are made. It is a very different way of doing fabric. Bandhani or bandhej works are from an ancient age. Bandhej works were seen as early as the Indus valley civilization where dyeing was done. This fabric is used in sarees, salwar suits, and lehengas. Bandhani sarees are a favorite among ladies.

b) Sanganeri:

It is a hand block printing technique. Sanganeri block printed fabric is basically used in handmade bed sheets and cushion/ pillow covers. Original dye is used for printing designs, and it is believed that this fabric was the best seller of the east India Company when the British ruled the country. This printing technique was first done in a village namely, Sanganer, situated in the southern part of Jaipur.

The specialty of this printing technique is small patterns and lines are designed in vibrant colors. Sanganeri designs mostly concentrate on flowers, fruits, various gods. This design is not only popular among older women, but also among the younger generation. This fabric is light and easy to wear during the summers.

c) Bagru:

It is a form of hand block printing. This block printing is done in a remote village, Bagru, in Rajasthan. Red, Beige, Black are the main colors used in this Jaipur fabric on the off-white or white background. Artisans use an eco-friendly method to dye the color.


Yellow color on this print is done by using turmeric, blue from indigo. Even the designers of the west used this fabric on the Runway. The pink city, along with beautiful Jaipur fabrics has age-old histories attached to it. The crafts, designs, and vibrant colors attract people so much that The First lady of US once took a little memoir of this beautiful city along with her.

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