A new Homeowner’s guide to septic maintenance

A septic system is an underground wastewater structure that needs frequent maintenance. But most of the people forget that these septic systems should be maintained to curtail overflowing, sewage backup and to avoid serious health hazards. All new homeowners needs best tips for maintenance and they should refer to a new homeowner’s guide to septic maintenance.

Best tips for septic maintenance

The procedure of draining septic tanks is simple and a good and professional plumbing company provides this service. But you should keep yourself aware on the functioning of the system to recognize a problem whenever it comes up. Read on to know few things that are important for septic tank maintenance.

Preventive Measures

Avoid overloading the system and use limited water. Do not wash clothes or utensils when someone in your house is using shower. Make sure not to dump food remnants inside the drain as it will leads to clogging of the tank. Cleaning the drain is an important factor and make sure to prevent it. Even unknowingly, avoid putting any toxic toilet cleaners, oil or grease into the drain as the debris creates sludge and blocks the drains. Further the homeowners should ensure to clean septic tanks regularly and they should not dispose off tissues, diapers and cigarette buts into the toilet.

Avoid pouring excessive Detergents

In some cases, the use of excessive detergents also affects the septic tanks as they kill the microorganisms that exist in the sewage tank. The treatment of sewage is important and you can pour enzyme-based products to clean them as it acts as an anti-coagulant

Be aware of the cleaning procedure

Plants, trees or shrubs should not be planted around the drain area as when the roots grow deep into the soil then it clogs the system. Make sure that all the spouts are directed away from the septic system even outside your home as it helps to prevent floods.

A new homeowner’s guide to septic maintenance should make you aware on not to build any structures above the drain field as it leads to compressing of the soil and prevents drainage.

Regular drain cleaning by professional drain services prevents building up of sludge and drains backing up. So, maintain your sewer systems properly and keep your surroundings clean as it helps to keep a check on breakout of various diseases .In most of the cases, the cost of maintenance comes to be less than the cost of repairs and awareness on all these factors helps to go a long way to maintain the ensure septic system. Above all, observe any signs of septic malfunctioning and seek help to prevent damage.


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