How to clean and maintain a commercial oven?

Have you recently bought a commercial oven? Commercial ovens are extremely useful, and hence also require proper maintenance to make it last longer. Otherwise, you will have to get commercial oven repair too often.

Regardless of whatever precautions you take while cooking in it, you would need to take out time to clean it afterwards. If the commercial oven is cleaned regularly, it will last longer. Ovens can dirty very easily therefore their interiors and exteriors need to be properly cleaned.

Cleaning tips for commercial ovens

The following tips will help you keep your oven in a good shape for a longer period of time.

Boil overs

Despite taking every necessary precaution, your food might boil over and create a mess. You need to take care of boil overs immediately or they can get really hard to take care of later. If you keep delaying it, boil overs will take longer to clean up and will create even more of a mess. It may even cause irreversible damage to your commercial appliance. To keep your oven safe from any damage and keep it efficient, you should clean up the boil overs immediately. Wait till your oven cool before you start cleaning a boil over.

Use a slightly damp cloth to help clean up the mess created by the boil overs. Keep in mind that you are not supposed to put too much water in or else the water will cause serious damage to your oven too. Therefore, you need to very careful when cleaning up a boil over.


Debris can also accumulate despite how many precautions you take while cooking. While cleaning up the debris after cooking, make sure you properly clean up all spills and crumbs or else they may get stuck in places too. A very common place that debris can easily get stuck in is the place where the oven door connects to the oven.

Not only does it settle up there and prevents the door from closing properly, but it also causes corrosion and therefore reduces the efficiency of the oven. This is a place people usually tend to overlook while cleaning their ovens and hence their ovens end up with reduced efficiency over time. Again, if you require a damp cloth to clean up all the debris, make sure to avoid using too much water as water can also cause damage to your ovens by causing it to rust.

Oven hoods

The part that gets the grease and residue collected on it over time most easily are is the oven hood. Despite what ever measures you take to avoid getting grease on the oven hood, it still may end up collecting there over time and can cause serious damage, such as fire.

Grease can easily catch fire and therefore lead up to more serious damage. This happens even if you do not fry your food a lot. So do not forget to clean up the oven hoods every time after cooking to avoid causing any such damage.

Oven doors

This is not so much of a cleaning tip as it is about maintaining your oven. Avoid slamming the oven door as it may cause a crack in it or cause it to loosen up from the hinges making the heat escape.

This can not only cause damage to your food, but it can also damage your oven over time and reduce its efficiency. If you do end up causing any such damage to the oven door, try getting it fixed immediately. Make sure you also clean the oven canopy properly and its grease pans and exhaust filters separately. We suggest you get inspection from a commercial appliances repair Alexandria company after every few months to stay safe!

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