Pros and cons of kitchen countertops using different forms of granite for kitchen countertops

Choosing the correct material for your kitchen countertop is a huge decision. It is important in terms of its financial commitments and the aesthetics and practical functioning of your kitchen. Well taken decisions on the selection of countertop material will make your kitchen easy to maintain and more useful and serve as a significant design element in the attractiveness of your kitchen. Though granite countertop companies   boast about the advantages of using granite as the countertop material there are other materials also which have some good features like granite.

Kitchen countertop types

Often diverse materials like bamboo, granite, stainless steel, granite, traditional laminate, engineered stone, ceramic tile, marble etc are commonly used depending upon the taste,budget and the requirements of the individual users. Let us take a detailed look about the pros and cons of the most commonly used for kitchen countertops.

Granite slab: Granite slab is considered as the king of kitchen countertop materials.  It was started being used as a slab of natural stone, and at present they are fabricated to specifications and are installed by professional. It gives the ultimate look that a kitchen slab can be expected to give.

Pros to granite countertops

They are very heavy and durable for a longtime. No granite pieces are having the same look and therefore each of the granite kitchen countertops is always unique in its appearance and increases the value of the home.  These countertop are often non-seam.

Cons to granite countertop

Granite is the most expensive kitchen countertops in use now. Periodic sealing is required to protect it from stains.  It cannot beuses for DIY procedures.  It has to be installed by professionals.

 Bottom line:   Among the natural stones used for making kitchen countertops granites are no doubt the most popular one due to obvious reasons.  Its heavy durability adds to the value of the house. Slabs are better than modular granite or tile granite.

 Granite modular: For house owners who are firm about granite as their choice material for kitchen countertops and yet want to do some cost cutting, granite modular will be the best choice. They occupy a mid position between solid granite slabs and granite tiles. They can be considered as large pieces of granite slabs combined together to form the countertop. They are lighter than slabs and are good for DIYers.

Pros: It can be easily installed by the home owner himself. It is rather difficult to heft the slab around. Itis inexpensive.

 Cons: They will still having seams and will not have the look of slabs. They are thinner than solid slabs and hence can break easily. Periodical sealing is necessary for protecting the modular granite.

Bottom line

Modular granites can be handled by DIYers. They are having some inferior look when compared to granite slabs.

 Granite tiles: This is a very good option for those who wish to do it themselves. They are small, manageable and resemble ceramic tiles. They are adhered to the core or cement bottom with the help of thin-set adhesives.

Pros: It offers some prestige though not comparable with that given by granite slabs. The installation can be completed within one week or two by the house owner himself.  They are cheaper also.

Cons: It will be recognizes as DIY work by the intending buyers. They are thinner than granite modular slabs and hence are easily breakable. Grout seams can get stained and become permanent marks.

Bottom line: They are less admired by people, but they are the only option for those who wants to use granite and at the same time save money.

From the above one can conclude that those who want to make their kitchen the most modern one and for those who can afford to spend more money, granite slabs are the most suitable one. But for those who cannot afford to spend more money, but yet want to show off, I think granite modular will be sufficient. And for those who cannot spend too much and yet cannot avoid granite, the best option will be granite tiles. As a final word, I want to state that for those who can spend good amount for making their kitchen more beautiful, yet do not like granite, the best option will be to depend on quartz countertop contractors rockville md as they can provide costly but attractive kitchen countertops using quartz as the material.

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