Everything About Micro Grafting Transplant You Should Know

The micro grafting transplant symbolizes a bold accomplishment in the field of hair restoration. It provides the only permanent solution to baldness.

Micro Grafting Procedure:

The surgeon, under local anesthetic cuts a strip of scalp into small grafts from the donor region. He then inserts these grafts into small slots that he has made in the area of hair loss.


Modern hair transplant surgery involves two highly advanced micro graft procedures: FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation). FUT procedure takes less time with minimal scarring. In order to understand these procedures, it is better to understand how micro graft procedure established first.

Early Micro Graft Surgery

Technological advances and thorough understanding of donor area harvesting drive surgeons to extract multiple thin strips from the donor area with greater meticulousness. These thin strips became popular as micro grafts. From each micro graft, surgeons were able to separate hair into cluster of 1-4 follicular units. The procedure of extracting and carefully dividing multiple donor strips ultimately got the term of Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). Now an even more precise method of transplant is available and that is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

Natural Results

Micro Grafting transplant give very satiating natural results. Hair grows naturally by twos or threes. In micro grafting hair transplant, surgeon always tries to respect these anatomical units when cutting the grafts.

Before the Surgery

Before the operation, you sign a consent form. Photos of your scalp are taken. Surgeon administers you tranquilizer and pain killer tablet. He also marks out graft area with a felt pen.

During the Surgery

The surgeon disinfects and prepares the donor area. He administers local anesthetic transdermally without a needle. After that, he administers a needle injection for deep anesthesia of the donor area. He takes a strip of scalp and cuts the grafts. He closes the donor area with stitches or metal staples. He made slits in the recipient area and inserts drafts. Then he cleans and dries the hair.

After the Surgery

You will go back with someone because you may feel the effects of medicines you have taken before micro grafting transplant. After a couple of days rest, you will be able to start normal activities. However, you can not involve a major physical exertion for 10 days. You can wash your hair lightly from the third day. You have to take antibiotics and painkillers only for a few days.

Side Effects

There are few temporary irritations such as occasional swelling of forehead. At times, your eyelids may also swell and this may last about a week. Clotting of blood around the grafts may occur. It may result in the formation of small shells that slowly dry out and fall off after two weeks. You may also notice small lumps in the graft area under the skin that will empty naturally after a few weeks.

Regrowth of Hair

The hair grows again but you need tolerance because the implanted follicles are inactive at first. They do not start producing new hair before three or four months after the hair transplant surgery. Additionally, the follicles do not all get active at the same time. So new growth is possible in a few months. You have to be patient as the results are plodding. The final look becomes apparent after 9 to 12 months of surgery.

The Scar on rhe Back of the Head

The scar at the back of the head is permanent. It is like a white line on the scalp and looks fine. The hair that fall over it conceal it very well.

Effects of Hair Color and Frequent Washing

These things are harmful for the health of your hair and make them dull and more brittle. However, they do not make hair fall unless the causes of baldness are genetic or hereditary.

Not A Painful Procedure

During this hair transplant surgery, when physician administers anesthetic in the donor area and along the hairline, there is a few minutes uneasiness. However, this discomfort is tolerable and lasts only a few minutes.

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