What you should know when cutting a big tree?

Having a big tree in the garden dangerously lurching over the road or neighbor’s garden is really an embarrassing situation that needs to be solved and that can be best done by tree removal company. They are the perfect professionals who can undertake this job and can perform efficiently and give you proper and effective results in no time. But if you are thinking about trying your own hands for this job then it is advisable that you should first learn the tricks and strategies of this and then go for it.

What you should consider before cutting big trees

To cut big tree you need to prepare yourself both physically and mentally. This job is not easy to perform at all and sometimes it can pose a greater problem. So knowing the tricks can give you a better edge in performing this task.

Choose right safety gears

Safety and security should come first. So you have to buy the safety equipment which can protect you from any kind of accidents or can provide support at the time of any kind of mishap. A logger's helmet, Earmuffs, face screen product, safety glasses and Kevlar chaps are the safety equipment that you should buy.

Buy feeling wedges

You need to acquire at least two felling wedges so that at the time of cutting your saw will not get pinched. You can get them easily available at any outdoor power equipment store.

Estimate the tree felling zone

Each and every tree can have a different height and width and thus before cutting you should calculate the feeling zone and make the area clear so that no one will get hurt. But first you need to estimate the area by using the ‘axe handle trick’.

Clear the zone

Even when you can properly estimate where the tree will fall then also you are not fully prepared for it. You should search and prepare a proper planning with two alternate escape route and discuss it with your partners.

Proper notch

The thumb rule of cutting a big tree is creating the depth of the notch as deep as one-fifth of the diameter of the tree trunk. Keep an eye at the time of cutting that the felling cut will match the notch point. So plan the notch according to the felling area and estimation and prepare it accordingly.

Final step

Now after this, use the wedges on the tree and get ready for the felling. After that, now cut the branches and place in the truck to carry them out. In this way, you can maintain the process of cut big tree and keep your premises clean.


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