Don’t Go for Caterers Equipment Rentals Until You Read This!

Catering equipment rentals are an integral aspect of any event or occasion to ensure success and tummies are full and satisfied. Hosting gatherings for family reunions, birthday celebrations, weddings, company events and other occasions will never be complete if there is no food to share. And for food to be fresh and enjoyable throughout the event, everything must be served with the use of the right utensils.

Since buying these means having to spend a substantial amount of money, opting for catering equipment rental is definitely more practical and beneficial, especially since it will only be good for one time use. There is an extensive array of appliance and apparatus which will be offered to you once you hire these service providers. It is always recommended to know your exact needs first as well as the types of food you are planning to serve to your guests.

Catering Equipment for Storage

Catering equipment pieces are categorized based on their specific use, whether for preparation, serving or storage. You may or may not need all of them, depending on the type of event. As far as proper food storage is concerned, refrigerators and freezers stay on top of the list. These can vary in size which matches the amount of food that should be kept fresh. There are instances when a catering equipment supplier will recommend small refrigerators or freezers to their clients to keep beverages cool as well as the raw meat that will be served later on. Events which last for a day may also need these.

Catering Equipment for Preparation

Although most catering services usually prepare the food they bring to the venue, there are clients who prefer that the meals are cooked on the event’s venue. There are even some who prefer the dishes to be cooked right on the spot. Equipment pieces for preparation such as stoves, ovens and gas burners are very helpful for these cases. Pans, pots, knives, sizzling plates, measuring cups, chopping boards, ladle and mixes are also additional pieces you might need.

Catering Equipment for Serving

The most common equipment pieces that will first pop in your mind when you speak of catering are serving tools which carry the drinks and food that will be served to the guests. Once again, the utensils you will place on the table will depend on your menu. Most of the time, saucers, plates and serving bowls are needed. Spoons, forks and teaspoons are considered as standards as well. If breads and biscuits are included in the menu, it is advisable to have table knives.

Drinks should be served properly, too. Hot drinks such as coffee, tea and chocolate should be served in cups with saucers. Punches are also served similarly. Juices, sodas and water should be in glasses. There are also suitable glasses for alcoholic drinks like wines and champagnes. Make sure you have platters of different sizes, small knives to cut pasties, large knives to cut meats or cakes and ladles for soup. China rentals might also help you to ensure that your guests will be happy throughout the event.

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