A few ways to keep your chimneys clean

The chimneys of your house needs to be cleaned at regular intervals in order to keep them perfect for use and chimney cleaning is very simple, but it requires skills. Thus, you need to know the right ways in which you can keep them clean. You can employ the perfect professionals or clean the chimneys for yourself. Whoever it is, the skills are the basic weapons. Here are a few ways in which you can keep the chimneys clean.

How can you keep the chimneys clean?

  • You need to determine how frequently you need to clean the chimneys. This depends on the degree of usage. Normally it is sufficient to clean the chimneys once in a year. The soot that is given out through the chimneys chokes them and thus, the eat way to get rid of them is to scrape off the creosote that is deposited on the body of the chimney pipe. A knife or any object with a sharp edge can serve the purpose well. You must start cleaning when it is half a centimeter thick.
  • When you consult a chimney contractor, make sure that he is the best professional in the industry. The most suitable time to clean the chimney is before the start of winter. You need to keep an eye open on the amount of soot accumulated and consult the right person at the right time. Often, delays and negligence ion cleaning the chimneys result in problems throughout the season when the fireplace is lit up throughout the year.
  • Animals and birds residing in the chimneys can cause a threat to its well-being. A perfect chimney sweep includes checking the creatures like squirrels and birds which dwell at the extreme top of the chimney. You may not be able to see them with your naked eyes. In this case, you need to get a flashlight and check out the conditions. It often occurs that the interiors of your chimney are perfectly fine. But the birds build nests and gather a lot of twigs and leave which hamper the flow of fireplace smoke.
  • You will need the perfect tools in order to clean your chimneys. Often it is found that the chimneys cannot be cleaned properly due to the lack of proper tools. The diameters of the chimneys vary from one home to another. There is nothing problematic in measuring the chimney size. You just need to get a ladder, climb up to the top of your roof and measure the diameter of the chimney. Once done, you have to get the necessary tools. Thus, keep in mind that the tools need to be customized in order to have the perfect chimneys. You also need to know the length of the chimney.

Here are some of the basic things you will need to clean the chimney:

  • Goggles
  • Extension Pipes  
  • Small Stiff Wire Brush
  • A Broom
  • A Dustpan
  • A Plastic Tarp
  • A Ladder
  • A Dust Mask
  • Chimney brush

All these will ensure that you have the perfect chimney. Always remember, a house turns up to be your home when all the parts of your house are perfect. If you are not able to handle chimney cleaning tasks on your own, hire a certified chimney contractor Columbia.

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