Haircut as an expression of woman style

Expert team in hair salon can create any haircut and styles which meet all customer’s needs and expectations. That’s the basics of the work of our employees.

Constant training, guidance, and acceptance of new techniques we have always fresh ideas of trendy styles and ways of cutting.

Haircut - style

To define what is the style, it’s difficult, but everyone understands what is it.

Simply, we can say that the style - is the outward expression of person’s inner.

If people don’t pay too much attention to it, or not, in both cases, it defines their style. And even when we're talking about someone that "doesn’t have his style" – it’s also a kind of it.

Haircuts and styles in our hair salons

As with all forms of art, the following hairstyles, including haircuts, are performed in our salons:

Classic style - It is characterized by strict, clear shapes and lines, completeness and balance.

Elegant style - is an extension of elegance in clothes, makeup and even manners. Elegant hairstyle - is often a short haircut, the outer contours which point out to the character. This hairstyle also implies a special care and styling.

Romantic style - a typical example - a graded medium length hair.

This includes all hairstyles with curls, swirls, wavy lines. Naturally, this is most often a hairstyle on long and medium length hair.

Sports style - this style is the most convenient and practical. Haircuts of this style allow the natural growth of hair, do not require additional efforts and resources (nail, pins, fleece) to be kept in shape.

In addition, you may try extravagant and avant-garde hairstyles. Extravagance is usually focused on the challengesestablished by taste and habits. These hairstyles are out of fashion and its current aspirations. Our creators of the avant-garde models try to guess or even define the fashion of tomorrow.

Haircut of an extreme style can be done on the base of any hairstyle. With the help of modern colorings, such as neon colors, modern accessories, styling and straightening of the strands, you can create any hairstyle which you can even imagine on your head.

We also can make a great curly and permed hairstyles. If you do not want to perform a daily routine – best hair salon for short haircut rockville md, you can make a unique permed hairstyle that will make you feel perfect.


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