Importance of education for women

Education is very important for every individual, and that it is guaranteed by the Constitution, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international instruments that have been signed and ratified. The importance of education for women is shown with facts of social changes, as well as views on the women’s education throughout the history, both at the global level, and in our environment.

Educated women – better community

Educated women are able to contribute, but also to be the initiator for socio - economic changes. If women are uneducated, we can expect that the future generations will be uneducated. If we allow the lack of education to expand, and we're not devoting the attention to this aspect of society deserves, it’s possible that a large percentage of women will end up in the bewitched circle of poverty.

Economic development and prosperity of society also depend on the education of women, because with the educating, women will be strengthened to make progress, contribute to the development, the individual, but also on a global level; and thus contribute to the prosperity of the country. A very important fact in the empowerment of women is the economic empowerment, it’s necessary to regulate the mechanisms of both social and institutional, where it will be acted with the goal of economic empowerment of women. Economic empowerment and independence of women can only be achieved through the proper education and employment of women.

Educated woman knows how to protect itself

Only with the help of education a woman will know her rights and how to protect them. The woman, due to her biological predispositions, belongs to a "weaker" part of the society, but also because she suffers from a handicap due to rigid, outdated social customs and religious practices. But, it’s important to note that an educated woman will not be easy to manipulate. She is aware of their rights and knows the ways and means to achieve them.

Taking into account the importance of education and additional training of women education, it’s necessary the greater commitment of the government, but also the greater involvement of non-governmental sector; with a goal to the implementation of a large number of projects with the focus on women participants, especially those women who are under the influence of the risk factors.

One of the tasks is to empower communities through the empowerment of women, strengthening their roles in the process of social change, as well as the peace-building and solving of non-violent conflicts.

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