Finding out the suitable hair transplant method for you

Hair is essential part of human body, giving its look and attractiveness. In addition to acting as a protection for the skin on the head, it also provides style and attractiveness. It gives extra confidence in men as well as women while facing interviews etc. Some unprivileged people do not have the fortune to enjoy sufficient and attractive hair due to loss of hair caused by various reasons like hereditary, old age, accidents etc. But modern technology has some surgical procedures for replanting hair in the lost places. In this article let us understand a few of them and try to understand which one will be suitable for you and carried out at a hair transplant near me center

Hair transplantation explained

In surgical procedures used for hair transplantation healthy hair form areas where they grow in abundance are extracted and they are replanted in the area where there is scarcity of hair. Hair exists in follicles which are the smallest unit of hair that contains 3 or 4 hairs. In hair transplant procedures hair is extracted in follicles and they are replanted on the same day without any damage so that they can re grow there. The area from where the hair is removed is known as donor area and the area where the hair is transplanted is known as recipient area.

Best hair transplant methods

There are a number of procedures suitable for the patient in a hair transplant near me center who suffers from loss of hair or baldness problems. One among them is follicular unit transplantation.  This is also known as FUT. Many experts consider this as the best hair transplant method available for hair loss patients. Using this process the surgeon who carries out this procedure will be capable of transferring a good number of hair strands from donor area to recipient area. Another method now in practice is removing a strip of hair from the back of the head, removing all the hair in that strip in follicular units and then placing them in the pores already prepared in the recipient area. This hair transplant process has the benefit that it is easier for the surgeon as he can remove all the hairs successfully from the strip with the help of microscopic machines available for the purpose. But the wound mark will be visible from where the strip of skin with hair is removed. This mark will be covered by the existing hairs and will vanish within few days. As this process is done under local anesthesia the pain felt will be minimal. There will be little blood loss only. Due to the above advantages many patients are opting for this procedure in many hair transplant near me centers

Mustache correction

Some men do not have mustache at all while some have scanty mustache which is not full. Lack of hair makes them feel ashamed. For them the hair restoration techniques mentioned above can be used successfully.  In hair restoration clinic process the new transplanted hair starts falling down within two weeks. After about 3 weeks they start growing again. This growth process will be completed in about three months. The hair growth so obtained is permanent and acts like natural original hair that was present there once.

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