sinus congestion

Find out the perfect cure for sinus congestion

Sinus is a cavity in the skull that helps in regulation of air as it is filled with air. Sinus congestion can also be called as nasal congestion when one out of any four pair of sinus pathways gets blocked. This leads to inflammation of the nasal tissues which can be seen on either side of the nose. A human body has seven sinus cavities. Sinus congestion can be acute or chronic. Acute sinus better known as common cold whereas chronic sinus congestion occurs due to the use of allergens like food allergens, mites or dust, tobacco etc.. and leads to bacterial infection.

When any type of acute or chronic sinus congestion occurs then throbbing pain occurs in areas behind the eyes, cheekbone, eyebrow and leads to nasal blockage. The blockages in cavities lead to barring of the normal secretions from the sinus and more pain occurs on one side of the nose. This type of infection increases the chances of cold and hay fever.

The probability of sinus congestion is more in children and symptoms occur after the age of five when an unbearable pressure occurs around the nasal cavity. Chronic nasal congestion may lead to serious diseases like HIV and lymphocytic leukemia.

When it comes to the treatment of sinus congestion then there are various ways. One of the most popular is being the use of anti-inflammatory drugs and decongestants. Make sure to consult a professional and experienced allergist that recommends the most effective and safe drugs.

Another popular method especially for children is nasal irrigation. In this method, a mixture of saline water and a syringe are used to clean the infected mucous from the nasal cavity and this process gives immediate relief.

In some cases, an expert allergy specialist recommends to take hot compress on the affected area to get relief.Although, this method is not scientifically proven but time tested and an age old remedy to clear congestion whatever the cause behind it.

In chronic sinus congestion, an allergy specialist advices surgery as the last option wherein the infected mucous is removed surgically from the sinus cavities.

Whatever the treatment option you wish to take, make sure to get rid of this problem well in time as if sinus congestion moves to lungs then it leads to a life-threatening situation. Consult a professionally qualified allergy specialist to cure sinus congestion as soon as possible. A timely treatment rules out the chances of any unnecessary complications and save the patient from discomfort and pain associated with sinus congestion.

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