7 Clever In Ground Swimming Pool Ideas

We all know that professional pool contractors are the best choice when you are looking for some beautiful addition or renovation of in-ground swimming pools in your patio. Let’s have a look at some of the amazing ideas,

Know What Pool Shape is Perfect for Your Patio Design

Trust me the shape of your in-ground swimming pool holds an amazing importance in the aesthetics of your patio and house so be very wise while choosing one. Every pool design and shape has a different look while the most conventional ones are round or rectangular pools. However, if you want to make it a bit more modern, then you can choose a cloudy or kidney shape which may also give a very classy and elite look. And also, you can opt for a customized shape that suits your patio which may cost you a little more but in the end, I am sure it will be all worth it.

Give Your Patio a Pool Boundary

A boundary of an in-ground pool looks amazing when you can have a small beautiful garden inside boundary with some fresh, seasonal and colorful flowers. You can also use pebbles to make a walkway towards pool so the grass doesn’t get all watery with mud overflowing out of it. And also, some stylish light colored tiles combined with DIY foot mats can bring a really relaxing ambience in your pool and patio area. Keep some light weighted and sunlight resistant furniture in the garden to enjoy a beautiful time there with your loved ones.

Treat Your Pool with Wooden Decks

No doubt wooden decks add a real classy look to an in-ground pool with almost no mess at all. It is way easier to clean plus it also prevents slipping due to the resisting surface. And of course, keeping white colored benches with a blue colored umbrella can make it a perfect combination for your home based vacations without any hurry. However, wooden deck requires a little more maintenance than grass or other deck options.

Install Some Swings to Make It Fun

The best swing for any in-ground pool is of course a ‘slide’ which makes the swimming experience really amazing. Slides also attract kids of middle age who are in the stage of learning how to swim and this fun part really make it easier for people to successfully learn swimming quiet quickly. Also, you can play some games or add a badminton net over pool to make it more fun for kids and family.

Keep the Trees Away from Pool

This is a very common mistake many people make when they plant trees near the pool areas. It is especially very annoying in case of in-ground swimming pools as all the dirt and debris find a very good place to unite over water surface. This ultimately requires more regular cleaning which becomes way too hectic to manage as well. Also, using pool cover every other day is also not that easier so the best practice to prevent this issue is to install your pool at a quite noticeable distance from trees. Or simply do not plant long heighted trees near your pool area.

Make it Two-in-One Spa Swimming Pool

Building a small spa inside your swimming pool makes it more productive as you can enjoy two in one package with this deal. However, make sure to set the temperature of spa portion to have the desired results you wished before installation. Honestly, this seamless transition from a freestanding tub to a built-in spa swimming pool is going to make you feel really great about your patio.

Use Oversized Planters if Gardening is Not Possible

There are many patios where gardening is not possible due to space constraints or certain other reasons when in ground pool builders do not recommend to have a proper garden. But this thing is maybe upsetting if you are a nature lover and love to be around fresh green colors. This is where these oversized planters come for rescue and you can easily accommodate them in the corners of your patio. You can also keep one large sized pot in the center of your sitting area with some pool benches or chairs around the pot and of course a small table at one side to have a cup of coffee and enjoy your evening. LaGrass

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