Effective Door Hanger Coupons Help Bring In Customers

There are many simple, effective ways to reach customers in your local area. For small retail shops, restaurants, and businesses that rely on foot traffic for the majority of their sales, utilizing the right methods can pay off in the long run.

One of the more established methods is the use of door hangers. For decades, door hangers have been used to advertise to the local community. However, in this day and age of the internet are door hangers still effective?

What are Door Hanger Coupons?

This is an advertisement that is designed to be placed on the doorknob of the front door. They are distributed by companies that follow the marketing plan of the business. The purpose is to directly advertise to the customer in the surrounding community. There are many advantages to door hangers;

  • Low Cost
  • Targeted Marketing
  • Trackable Results

They also avoid many of the issues with direct mail that often gets thrown away. Here, most door hangers are at least read by the homeowner once which creates a higher return rate. However, the effectiveness

of this marketing effort depends in large part on what they offer to consumers. A coupon is one of the simplest and most effective type of door hangers.

You can set the discount provided on the coupon in many different ways. You can offer a straight

discount, provide for free shipping, offer a “2-for-1”, add another product for free, and so forth. However, a straight discount is not only the simplest, but it may be the most effective in getting a response.

Why Coupons Work with Door Hangers?

There are a number of reasons why coupons, particularly those on desirable products or services, work

so well with door hangers. The coupon itself is easy to identify and use. Thanks to so many people today

looking for bargains, this is another reason why coupons get attention.

Easily Seen: Unlike direct mail which comes in envelopes and is mixed in with other mail, a door hanger stands out. Homeowners spot it quickly and read the remainder of the message. This means that they find out more about your business.

Attracts Attention: A door hanger that announces a new business in the area is nice. However, a door hanger with a coupon that offers substantial savings is one that gets people’s attention. 20% to 30% off or more in bold letters will tend to get the consumer to read the rest of the advertisement.

Trackable Results: You can actually track the success of your coupons when they come in to be redeemed. In this manner, you can see which neighborhoods are offering the best response so you can adjust your other marketing efforts accordingly.

Coupons really bring in the results which you can use to sell more products or services. Of course, the effective door hangers with coupons is only part of your overall marketing strategy. But it is one that will help you target specific neighborhoods. The use door hangers as part of your marketing campaign can bring about real results that you can capitalize on the advantages.

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