The Mighty Orebic of Peljesac, Croatia

Orebic is located in the southwestern part of the Peljesac peninsula, below the hill of Saint Elijah, with the view on the city of Korèula, which can be reached by a 15-minute boat ride. It was named by the family of sea captains called Orebic, which reconstructed the citadel on the location in 1586. Orebic was always turned towards the sea and good wind. In the past, the people of Orebic were looking for the boats which saluted local citizens with their horns, while today they are looking forward to the travelers on vacation.

What to visit in Orebic (sights)

The county has around 40 churches and chapels, and in Orebic the most famous are the parish Church of Saint Mary Help of Christians and the Church of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary, located near the sea boardwalk. The parish church was built in the 19th century in Neo-Romanesque style, and is decorated by separated bell-tower. Outside the place, there is a Franciscan Monastery of the Lady of the Angels from the 15th century, which was built by the Republic of Dubrovnik. You can see the whole Peljesac channel from the viewpoint. The monastery was fortified and equipped for the rejection of pirate attacks, and it could receive all the residents from the surrounding are in the time of danger. As it is suited for a place which takes pride in the heritage of sea captains and the love of the sea, the Maritime museum was opened in 1957. Part of the exhibits are a gift from the families of the sailors, and the number of exhibits is around 1,000. In the central hall on the floor, the development of the Peljesac maritime society is shown, with exhibits of the compasses, binoculars, barometers, atlases, sailboats, models of ships, etc. Orebic is 112km away from Dubrovnik, so it represents an excellent destination for everyone who wants to visit Dubrovnik, but stay in a much quieter place. Check out some of the accommodation options at

Beaches in Orebic

The main beach in Orebic is Trstenica, a couple of minutes walk from Orebic marina. It’s a thousand meters long sandy beach that melts in towards the crystal clear Adriatic sea. Behind it, there’s a sprinkling of cocktail bars and dining establishments. For someplace even more private, choose out one of the pebbly bays dotted along the coastline. Small fishing town of Viganj is a short boat ride away, as well. There you can find many nice pebble and sandy beaches, while stronger winds have made the town a windsurfers’ paradise in recent years.

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