How To Protect Your Car From Sun's Heat And UV Rays

We all know how the sun and UV rays can damage our skin, and most of the car owners get window tints installed to protect themselves from UV exposure. But it isn’t only humans that are affected by the sun, your car, SUV, RV or truck can also suffer from the UV exposure in many ways, for which you can take help from paint protection film installers for shielding your car against the sun.

So, let’s take a look at how we can protect our cars from the harms of UV rays.

For better understanding, we’ll divide our main strategy into 3 parts.

  1. Exterior
  2. Interior
  3. Other Systems

Protecting the Exterior of Your Car

As it is already widely known, the UV light can cause the gloss of your car’s paint to fade away over time. This damage causes the paint of your car to start making flakes. The very process causes the overall value of your car to decrease as the car looks ugly. Additionally, you’ll have to pay a whopping $1000 to $4000 for a medium quality paint job.

The heat can also make the tires of your car weak, and can cause them to burst without prior notice. This can be really dangerous as it might put the lives of both you and your family at a high risk. So, appropriate measures must be taken to avoid the damage caused by the UV rays to the exterior of your car. Here are the steps that you can take in this regard.

  1. Remember that the UV rays only make the paint reactive and cause it to react with the dust and grime accumulated on the surface, so, a regular wash can keep your car’s paint safe.
  2. Waxing your car regularly can also help you in keeping the paint safe. The wax will absorb the UV rays and destroy itself while protecting the paint.
  3. A paint protection film can also prove to be beneficial for your car. It is actually a completely invisible film that you can spray or install on top of the regular paint layer. This layer is extremely durable and can save the paint from UV ray induced damage.

Protecting the Interior of Your Car

The interior, though not in direct contact with the sun’s light, is equally as susceptible to damage as the outside. Many of the drivers think that the window glasses of their cars are good enough to reflect back the UV rays, but unfortunately, this isn’t the case. So, if you commute to work on a daily basis, you should apply sunscreen even if you’ll be working indoors to protect your skin from UV exposure on the way to work.

Your skin isn’t the only thing that’ll get damaged by the exposure to UV rays, but other things in the interior of your car like the dashboard and the leather on the seats is also susceptible to damage. So, here are the steps that you can take to protect the interior of your car from damage.

  1. First of all, try to avoid the sun exposure and try parking in the shade whenever possible. Additionally, if the security is available, you can leave the windows of your car open a bit to keep the temperature equal both in the interior and exterior of your car.
  2. You can also use a windshield shade to protect your car’s interior.
  3. Get car window tints installed to keep the UV rays out.
  4. Seat covers can also help a lot in this regard.

Protecting Other Systems

In addition to the visible interior and exterior of your car, a lot of other systems like the AC unit, fluids and battery can also be affected by the exposure to the harmful UV rays. Here is what you can do to stop this damage.

  • Keep an eye on the health of your car’s battery. Battery is one of the most abused components of your car especially in the summer. You use the AC regularly to keep yourself cool, and the outside heat also affects the working of the battery negatively. So, keep an eye on the battery and have it regularly checked.
  • Maintain the AC unit of your car in a good condition, a struggling ac unit can also damage your car’s interior.
  • To prevent problems like overheating, keep all the fluids filled up to an appropriate level.


So, use the help of car window tint and 3m paint protection film installers Springfield to safeguard yourself and your car from UV rays.

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