What are the benefits of preventive car maintenance?

Owning a Mercedes Benz car is a status symbol for rich people. Because owning a Benz car has been accepted as mark of greatness people who own Benz cars often want to keep it in very good condition.  So they give much importance to mercedes engine repair in mercedes garage . This is revealed by the care they take keeping it clean and in maintaining its original look.

Scheduled maintenance for Mercedes Benz

Maintenance of a car as per the pre-planned schedule is known as scheduled maintenance irrespective of whether it is done at mercedes garage near me or not. Planned services are often carried out by authorized service station which is often the service station of the dealers show room from where the car was purchased. It is  helpful in ensuring that the vehicle is operating without any problem and prevents the occurrence of any downtime or breakdown. Planned maintenance also known as scheduled maintenance is a set of pre-determined maintenance procedures carried out regularly at pre-determined occasions aiming to prevent unforeseen breakdowns. The main purpose of scheduled maintenance is preventing equipment failure in a most easy and practical way.

Importance explained mercedes garage

Facilities management is fulfilled by properly carrying out preventive maintenance. It aims at establishing persistent practices designed for improving performance parameters of a car and for providing safety and security for the instruments installed in the car. The success of preventive maintenance program  is dependent on the cooperation of the owner of the car and the availability of the car on the scheduled occasions for preventive maintenance. The contributions and ideas of the of maintenance personals at the mercedes garage near me are relied upon by the engineering managers for proceeding with the activities to be performed in a preventive maintenance.

But most often preventive maintenance programs have been found to be costly and time consuming. This has lead to the ever debated subject whether spending money and time for preventive maintenance is a worthy action. Whether time and money outweigh the benefits is the ever asked question.


  • Decrease in equipment downtime and reduction in the number of major maintenance task to be carried out for a car at mercedes garage near me.
  • Better conservation and increased expectancy of life decreasing the possibility of replacement of parts and equipment.
  • As the workers are not overburdened with emergency work due to pre-determined dates of preventive maintenance it is less costly.
  • Timely repair reduce the number large scale engine repair.
  • Improved safety and driving comfort for everyone.

Scheduled maintenance of Mercedes Benz

The onboard program provided in the dash board of a Mercedes Benz tracks the distance traveled and the time completed after the last service.

This helps it to notify the owner and authorized service center about the due date for mercedes engine repair. They  are known as A maintenance and B maintenance.

A maintenance is done after completing 10,000 kilometers of ride or on completion of one year after the initial use of the vehicle.

B maintenance is done after completing 20,000 kilometers or after completing two years of road life.

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