How to add hair extension on your own?

If you have thinning hair, short hair, struggling with a bad haircut or want to experiment with Rapunzel-like hairstyle, then consider hair extensions. Before trying different hair extensions, decide what kind of extension you want. There are two kinds - human hair and synthetic hair. Human hair is a bit expensive though.

Wear hair extension like a pro

  • To wear your hair up and add volume,place the clip-on upside down against the roots and beneath a layer of your hair so you can't see it. Then use the end of your brush to divide the hair into a top and bottom layer; clip the top part. At an angle, tease the spots close to the root where the clip will go and place the hair extension. Keep pulling your hair up to get that look.
  • Looking to add volume and not length, try splitting hair at the back and bring it forward. Comb one part of the hair, take the extension and clip it an inch away from the partition. Trim the extension to match the hair length. Similarly, try on the other side.
  • If you want wavy or curly hair wet the strands in the night and then use sponge roller extensions. (Whether it is synthetic or human hair extension, one needs to wet the hair). Air dry and leave it overnight. This gives a natural texture and removes the shiny texture of the extension in order to blend with your natural hair.
  • Ladies with straight hair should add a bit of serum before trying on the faux strands such as flatiron, curls, etc. This will help balance the shiny texture of the synthetic extension with your real hair. For human extensions, you can adopt the same methods you would usually do to your hair. Then shine spray it.
  • To get a beach like texture, use thickening spray on synthetic hair, crumple it to make it a bit rough. It is a great way to give the extension a wavy effect so that it looks like real hair.
  • To experiment with bangs, get a fringe extension that is not blunt and has long strands on either side. This will blend better with your normal hair.
  • If you like long and thick braid, go for hair extension that comes in a 'U' shape that will go underneath the ponytail, divide into different sections. Include every section into the braid which will give it a thick look.

Hair extension salon

Try these hair extension tips like a professional hair stylist. You can also opt for going hair extension salon and let professional hair stylist install extension in your hair.

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