Trying Hair Extension for the First Time? Know about the Exciting Fusion Hair Extensions

If you want hair extension and looking for the best of it that won’t damage your hair,  hair extensions can be your choice. Now, if this is the first time you are going for a hair extension, then you can try fusion extension. Today, we will discuss about this new type of hair extension so that you look wonderful in any occasion.

What Is Fusion Hair Extension?

You can call this method ‘evergreen’. Yes, the fusion extension is the oldest and traditional method which is still the most popular one among the hair stylists. According to the expert hair stylists around the world, this method is the most trusted and long-lasting. The other names of this method are ‘hot fusion’ or “glue in”, though in many methods, glue is not used.

Something More You Like to Know about Fusion Hair Extension

Before attaining the process, you definitely like to know more about it. Here you can get an overview of the process-

  • In this method, you can get each packet with 20 strands.
  • Each strand has a square-shaped, small and flat clip which holds hair together. Each strand is made of 1 gram hair.
  • If you want full hair extension, you will need 5-9 packs of hair. Therefore, precisely, you will need 100-200 hair for hair extension.

Now, let’s see how hair stylists attach the hair strands to your hair.

  1. There is the hair extension tip, made of keratin protein bond. This can be melted by using hair extension tool.
  2. While attaching it, the stylist makes equal section of your hair to the hair strand and places the bond on that section.
  3. The metal tip melts and smoothen the bond. Now, the stylist molds it and attaches the bond around your hair.
  4. As soon as the bond cools down, it hardens again and creates a durable, long-lasting bond.
  5. The bonds are hidden under the upper layer of the hair and give you a natural look.
  6. While removing, the keratin bond remover is used. This solution is alcohol free and doesn’t damage your hair and scalp. The hair stylist applies it on your hair and after few minutes, use hair extension tool to break the mold. Once it is done, the hair extension will slide off.

Isn’t the fusion hair extension rockville md is an easy process to stylize your hair? If you want a hair extension process that doesn’t damage your hair, go for it.



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