Silk rugs to beautify your home space

Silk rugs are the best and the oldest decorative pieces accepted by mankind. The antiquated rugs are magnificently designed by the archeologists. They are mostly handmade and are made from 100% pure silk. The quality is outstanding when compared to the machine crafted rugs or accomplished by craftsmen using the machines. The very purchase of such rugs is gratifying and enjoyable.

It is very unfortunate to learn that modern vendors try to bluff the buyers and sell low quality products at expensive rates claiming them to be original and pure. Among all kinds of rugs, it is the silk rug which has truly integrated the very essence of Persian rug industry. The use of silk material gives a soft and lavish look to the rug texture. If the silk material is home spun, it will render an amazing shine to the carpet. The rugs are famous for amazing ethnic designs that are weaved.

Features of silk rugs

When it comes to the silken rugs, you find the following features:

  • Generally peony flowers or dragon patterns are designed on the carpet.
  • After the weaving, the rug is sheared to make its motifs eye catchy and appealing. The motifs appear to be like sculptures
  • You can find upto one million knot per square foot of the rug. Since the Chinese were greatly refined people, their products were also of high quality.
  • They feature intricate designs and weaving patterns. Thus, a lot of time has been devoted to the making.
  • The rug is made from the raw silk taken from finest cocoons. In weaving the carpet, 30 different color shades of silk must be used.

If you are lucky enough to find the pure silken rug, you must keep it properly and treasure for the entire life as this piece is very rare. Nowadays, it is very tough to find genuine and handmade silk rug. It will make the home fabulous and beautiful.

Where to buy the silk rug?

With the help of the internet, it’s not tough to buy a silk rug. You can buy the piece from a local store or an online store. Learn about the vendor prior to purchasing anything. Do a bit of research on the store and only then proceed with the transaction. Get in touch with a reliable store and ascertain the quality of rug.

An online rug store is the perfect place for procuring silken rug. Compare the price among the stores before making the purchase.

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