Who is Local Records Office and What Does This Real Estate Company REALLY Do?

Local Records Office has been on the trending radar for a few years now; it’s been making a buzz in the Los Angeles, CA real estate community. But the question here is “who is Local Records Office?” We did some research and found out that despite having the word LOCAL on the company name they aren’t local at all. Local Records Office is an online company that offers homeowners property history reports.  You may be asking yourself “what is a property history report?” apparently a property history report is a history package on the home you just purchased or planning to buy. But why would someone need this history report? Couldn’t you just ask your real estate agent or broker? Maybe even the next-door neighbors may know a few things on the house, right? Apparently not. See, most agents have limited information on the property they list for sale; they’re only in charge of the actual sale transaction.

Why Would Anyone Hire the Company “Local Records Office”?

Brokers and agents are only in charge of the sale transaction and only have basic information on the property, that’s where Local Records Office comes in. They get in-depth property and land history information that goes back since the home was first built, this is why ‘Local Records Office’ has been so popular with agents, brokers and homeowners. People want to know what they are buying BEFORE they buy it. Homebuyers want to know if the house has been in any foreclosure actives, fire, and serious crime among other things. Folks don’t buy homes without asking questions that just doesn’t happen, if we were in the same situation we would want to know what type of history the property has, it’s a no brainer.

I Received a Letter from Local Records Office When I Moved into My New Home, What Should I Do?

The way Local Records Office offers its services to new homebuyers is by sending out courtesy letters. The letter clearly states that its completely optional but some people unintentionally mistake it for a bill. We got our hands on the letter and it states in big letter ‘this is not a bill’ we didn’t understand why so many people had trouble missing it. The letter from Local Records Office may look a bit intimidating but as soon as we read it, it clearly said ‘we are not associated with the government’.

Where is the Company Local Records Office Located?

We went ahead and called Local Records Office’s customer service at 1(800) 790-0721 and asked them where they were located and they said “We don’t have a walking office since we’re an online company”. Ok, fair enough, there are many online companies like eBay and WordPress. Being an online only company is not a crime.

With Online Real Estate Scams on the Rise How Does Local Records Office Protect it’s Customers?

We visited Local Records Office main website at (www.Local-records-Office.com) and they have the latest HTTPS security on the homepage. Good job Local Records Office. So, what does HTTPS mean in simple English? This means that the website is secure from any hackers and fraud. Local Records Office also states on the website that “We take our clients personal information very serious and will go to any measure to protect them”; another thumbs up for Local Records Office. If I personally go on any website I want the website owners to protect my personal information and identity.

How Do New Homebuyers Purchase a Property History Report from Local Records Office?

This is a good question. The easiest way we found to purchasing a property history report from Local Records Office is to go to their website at www.LocalRecordsOffices.com , click on à payments à choose your state à and fill out your basic information like your name and address and pay the $89 fee. The fee surprised us too but lets be honest we spend more money on happy hour on a Saturday evening so $89 bucks isn’t that bad.

How Long Does it Take to Receive the Property History Report?

According to Local Records Office it takes 10-21 business days but we received ours package in 8 days, yes we know this number various from state to state but 10-21 isn’t bad. Something to keep in mind is that its in a first come first served basis so it might take a bit longer but as long as its done right and I get in-depth information I’m ok with that.

Our Team’s Conclusion

This was a no brainer. If someone is serious about buying a home contacting Local Records Office will be a smart move. We all want to keep our family safe and don’t want to purchase a ‘money-sucking house’. We came to the conclusion that doing your homework on a house FIRST is the smart way to go, Local Records Office gives you in-depth information on your potential new home, that’s good enough for us. As for the $89 fee, we’ll let this one slide this time but don’t raise it higher.

To learn more about real estate and Local Records Office go to www.Local-Records-Office.biz

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