Check out the 2016 presidential election polls

On the very first day, the 2016 presidential election has revealed some surprising results. The presidential candidate of GOP, Donald Trump, has advanced a lot, not only leading his rival Republican members, but he is also beating the some of the foremost leaders of the Democratic group. According to a survey in the USA, the leader is leading from the front, and the people had expected Hillary Clinton to do the same. She is still trailing by a margin of estimated 40 to 45%.

Apart from that, he is also leading Bernie Sanders, the leader from Vermont by around 42%. He also leads Joe Biden by 42%. It remains to be seen whether anything unexpected happens. After all, every year the polls bring out some element of surprise. This year it seems that the rise of the Republican Party may be one of them. Although the media had provided with a different picture as far as the poll results were concerned, the expectations of the people might turn out to be something different. So, the element of surprise seems to be waiting.

2016 presidential election polls

Whenever something unusual takes place during the votes, there is some or the other reasons valid for the change. At present, it is being guessed that his rise may be due to the support from the minorities. The Republican Party has a large support from the minorities that make up a big part of the American population. There are a lot of Africans, among others, who have made the nation their home.

Naturally, they too have their expectations and enjoy the right to elect the person they trust on. Thus, Trump has received the support from the minorities, and this apparently makes him lead the election campaigns as for the moment. However, it remains to be seen what the results will finally turn out. As per the expectations, Hillary was to turn out to be victorious at the end of the Presidential polls. Thus, only the time can tell whether she lives up to the expectation or not.

2016 election polls

The 2016 presidential election polls are expected to bring some surprise. Keeping in mind the present controversy regarding the emails, it is doubtful whether she manages to come to the forefront or not. After all, politics is a game, and you never know what happens at the end of the day. It is better to wait and watch out until the end.


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