How To Use An Area Rug Over A Carpet

Many people remain confused with the idea of amalgamating an area rug with a carpet.  Some people do not know if both things can be used together and if they would suit each other well. Well, both can be a good contrast without overshadowing each other. Here’s a couple of ideas for the amalgamation of carpets and area oriental rugs.

Choose the right-size of your area rug that suits a particular proportion of the room

Be very particular about the size and dimension of the rug you are choosing for one of your rooms. If you are already having a wall-to-wall carpet laid down there, be sure that you don’t choose a mammoth area rug, because in that case the carpet would be unnoticeable.

If carpet and area rug are in place simultaneously, both of them should be having their due of prominence. One can’t make the other look obscure. The combination can look best only if both things are given their respective space.

Bring an area rug to get your wall-to-wall carpet eclipsed

If you are unhappy with your wall-to-wall carpet and you want to dispose of it, the best and most doable thing is to bring a good-looking area rug that is most likely to blot out your not-so-pretty carpet. It is the best option to lean towards.

You can have a carpet placed in one of your rooms for a number of reasons. If you aren’t fond of it and you brought it home with half-heartedness, there’s no point in tolerating its monotonality. You can easily bring a ravishing rug for a specific area of that room to enhance and enrich the dullness of your wall-to-wall carpet.

Bring an area rug to further adorn your furniture

Home decor is a kind of an art, and there’s no rule of thumb for it, you can improvise according to your wish. No matter how many suggestions you bag, you can still put your own mind at work to customize the decor for your home.

Let’s suppose, if your wall-to-wall carpet goes well with the color of walls and roof, bring an area rug that would blend perfectly with the furniture you have placed in that room. This way an area rug is only felicitating things already present there.

It’s totally up to you whether you make an area rug a subliminal part of a huge room or you make it noteworthy. It’s up to your taste and how you prefer things to be.

Area rug and carpet both can also be brought into a good contrast

You also have the option of choosing a rug that just comes in adherence with the gigantic wall-to-wall carpet. Contrast is good at times but it should not get you swayed all the time. There are other options available and perhaps you should skim through them.

While shopping for the area rug, you can prefer keeping the carpet in mind. You can choose something that slightly matches the carpet. Both need not be assorted; both can be complementary to each other as well. Or else, let your mind invent something completely new - something completely apart from the conventions.

Choose an area rug to highlight a distinctive side of the room

An area rug can be chosen to compliment a selected area of the room as well. Don’t bother about taking every single thing the room has into consideration while purchasing a rug. Just try and experiment with one specific area which you love. When you’re at the shop eyeing on a piece, let your imagination flow and envisage if it sits well with that particular part.

Make sure both things aren’t like peas in a pod

You can also consider the fact that they'd look good when different. Diversity is an option you can look up to. If it appeals to you, you can let diversity be at the helm this time around. If there’s absolutely nothing different about the two of them, it will turn out to be a blunder.

Make sure they aren’t poles apart either

The area rug and the carpet shouldn’t be universes apart either. There should be something making them scarcely connected, if not wholly. There’s nothing wrong about making a contrast but both things should not be at odds with each other.

Now that you know how to layer area rugs over carpets, next time you visit rug stores Vienna VA, you will know what to buy.

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