Buying Engagement Ring under 1000 dollar

Buying an inexpensive and affordable engagement ring is a daunting task as you know this is a very important part of the whole proposal process that will make her say yes when you pop the question.

It must be a ring that she likes, the style and cut that she wants, to make her feel touched by your sincerity, the time and effort that you put in to find the ring that she wants, so that she will agree to spend the rest of her life with you.

Budget is the most important, as you do not want to break your wallet, especially when you have other costs related to the proposal process, for example costs relating to setting up the perfect and conducive ambience.  Assuming you have already set up a budget of 1000 dollar engagement ring, let’s look at the following “to do” steps, in order for you to find the inexpensive and affordable engagement ring under 1000 that she wants to put on.

  1. The right ring size

No matter how attractive the 1000 dollar ring is, be it the style or cut, if you buy the wrong size, it will affect the outcome of the proposal.  Imagine trying to slip the ring into the finger, only to find that you cannot put it in because it is too tight, or that the ring slips out of her finger because it is too loose.  Hence, the right ring size is important.

One way to find to out her ring size is to look at the rings she currently has and try to get hold of one of her rings.  Another way is to go shopping with her and suggest to her subtly to look at rings in an accessories shop.  Check out her ring size then.

  1. Her favourite style and cut

There are different styles and cut in the market, a wide variety of 1000 dollar engagement rings for you to choose from.  For example, princess, round, oval, asscher cut, vintage style and so on.  Some prefer white gold for the band, while others prefer yellow gold.  Some prefer some colour to their stone, blue or even black.

To find out her favourite style and cut, besides looking at the current rings that she has or go shopping with her as mentioned in the point 1, you can accompany her to surf the online shopping sites to find out her

With the above mentioned action points completed, you will ensure that you can find the inexpensive and affordable engagement rings under 1000, one that she adores.  With this ring specially chosen for her, you will have higher success in getting her to accept your proposal.

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