Role of Talk Shows Can Never Be Neglected

The history of TV talk shows is deep, as it shows one of the first setup of programming in television history. While the most part of the earlier shows was organized with regards to politics and government, celebrity-oriented shows started during the 1960s. In the 1970s, many of the game shows were replaced by talk shows.

Talk shows are the most popular type of TV programs. Basically the talk show has been evolved from a radio station to a television as a TV talk show. As television was not very common in every home in the 1930’s, most people use to hear the news and the events by radio. Talk show was started for the first time on-air at radio. After that, in the year 1950’s television became the most popular source of entertainment for everyone.

Talk shows are the great way to inform and educate the people. It is usually hosted by one person and they focus on the audience participation and interviews. Guests have a great experience related to the issue being discussed.

As we watch TV, listen, and are entertained, TV talk shows are revising our cultural stories, changing our perceptions, our social affairs, and our connection to the natural world.

The central deformity that these shows broadcast is that they give useful solutions to guests and useful advice to the viewers.

Many Pakistani talk shows are fulfilling the needs of our people. For example “AJ RAT KAMRAN K SATH”, “CAPITAL TALK” etc. These talk shows discuss the critical situations of our country.

“HUM SAB UMEED SE HEIN” is the best TV program. Politicians are criticized in this program. It is among the best comedy program. ”kal tak” is another talk show which is informative and intros of this program are mentioned in a book which is one of the popular books in Pakistan. Similarly talk show of DUNIYA TV “Hasb-e-Haal” serves as another source of learning for its viewers. Through this program, viewers learn a lot of things. This is really an informative talk show. There are many other talk shows that are doing great job.

Due to these talk shows people know about their political leader and their activities and on that basis they can judge about wrong and right and can decide their leader for next time. Talk shows are also a way of responsibility which shows and inform the people about their scandals. Talk shows represent the popular personalities, we can easily know about their good and evil deeds, their life style and habits, their fans can know about their personalities through talk shows.

The role of the talk shows cannot be ignored. It will be supportive in new strategies for the improvement of future and for increasing the political awareness.

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