How Drinking Habits Among North Peoria Men Could Affect Their Unborn Children

You want to have healthy children, but down that beer bottle!  Seriously, more research is showing that the health of your sperm and future children depends upon key lifestyle factors. If you know any young individual who excessively drinks or abuses drugs and wants a child, please stop them by bringing them into inpatient rehabilitation at the drug rehab North Peoria.

  • Cigarettes and marijuana. Smoking anything you might smoke can decrease sperm count and even damage the size and shape of sperm. Marijuana also decreases sex drive. So if you plan to have a child someday, go ahead and quit smoking now.
  • Alcohol use. Alcohol bottles have long carried warnings about pregnancy and alcohol consumption, but little has been known about the effects of alcohol consumption on fathers.  While a woman may discover she is pregnant, quit drinking, and still likely avoid such birth defects as fetal alcohol syndrome, the damage to the unborn child through male alcohol consumption may occur at the time of conception.
  • Exercise. Regular exercise has been linked to increased mental and physical health. That health can translate to increased sex drive, increased sperm count and healthier sperm, therefore healthier offspring.  Not to mention the feeling of satisfaction when you achieve your personal fitness goals.
  • Diet. Though doctors, scientists, fitness professionals, the USDA and others may argue about the finer points of a healthy diet, the link between a healthy diet and healthy sperm has been clearly established. The journal “Science” reported on the intergenerational transmission of metabolic disorders, from father to child.  Diet is a key lifestyle factor in producing healthy offspring.


One night of drinking may be the night that affects your unborn child

While all of the factors named above could be said to be lifestyle habits, alcohol consumption is the one that a single drink could be the problem.  If you wish to have healthy children you may already have a healthy lifestyle, including the factors of diet, exercise and not consuming tobacco or drug products.  However, most people believe occasional alcohol consumption is part of a healthy lifestyle, and there is plenty of evidence to suggest that to be true. It is the excessive drinking that puts danger in your family’s life, therefore if your drug and alcohol problem cannot be stopped, going to a substance addiction North Peoria center is a great idea if you want to start a healthy and fresh life.


In light of the evidence out there, North Peoria men may want to examine their own drinking habits.  Sure, the CDC suggested women who wish to become pregnant should not drink at all. Their male counterparts should consider the same advice. If this cannot be followed, then the individual has a serious problem and needs to be rehabilitated at a drug rehab in North Peoria now.

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