5 Common Questions About Boom Trucks

Boom trucks are used by workers to access high locations in various industrial processes. These trucks are mounted on either tires or tracks, and that’s why companies rent crane trucks because they are more mobile as compared to traditional cranes, which usually move slowly, and are a bit costlier as well.

Boom trucks are used in various different types of industries, and if your job requires you to operate a boom truck, you should ask some important questions. If you do not ensure your safety when operating a boom truck, your life might be at risk.

So, here are some of the most important questions you should ask yourself before being hoisted on a boom truck.

Boom Trucks Vs Cranes

Usually, when people think of a crane, they think of a huge truck which uses its hydraulic technology to lift up and transfer loads between different places in many industrial and other applications. Cranes are usually purpose-built, and they are designed for specific industrial purposes. The maximum amount of load a crane can lift depends on its build quality, and the task it is made for.

While there are lots of jargon words being used for load bearing equipment in the industry, the bigger the equipment is, the more likely it is to be called a crane.

Technically speaking, boom trucks can also be classified as cranes, as they are used to lift up loads for various applications.

That’s why there’s not much difference between cranes and boom trucks, as the real difference is between their maximum load bearing capacity and the type of work they are used in.

Make Sure You Have The Right Safety Equipment

When you are going to work from the bucket of a boom truck, you should make sure that you have all the safety equipment to save you from falling. This type of equipment is a must no matter what type of vehicle you are using to work on heights.

First of all, you must have a lanyard attached to the anchor point with the help of a clip. You should always keep your feet attached to the floor of the bucket when working from it. Additionally, never try to hop on another structure outside the bucket while you are high up in the air.

Making any mistake when working at heights can literally put your life at a high risk. So, make sure there are enough crane safety measures in place before working from the bucket of a boom truck.

Wear Personal Protective Equipment Needed For Your Job

The type of personal protective Equipment needed for your boom truck job is the same as the one your job requires. For example, if your ground job requires you to wear a leather suit, a hard helmet, and steel toe shoes, then you should wear all of these things when working from the bucket of a boom truck as well.

You should never compromise on personal protective equipment when working from a boom truck, as it means all the difference between safety and deadly injuries if anything goes wrong.

See If Lockout Is Required

If you are encountering any type of hazardous energy in your boom truck job, then you should follow the required lockout safety standards to isolate yourself from the source of that energy.

Keep in mind that hazardous energy includes nuclear, gravitational, pneumatic, hydraulic, chemical and some other types of energy which can seriously harm a person. If you are required to encounter any of these types of energy, you must make sure that enough protective equipment is in place to keep you safe while working from the boom truck.

Have An Emergency Plan In Place

Boom truck is just like other mechanical equipment, and it can fail at any time as well. So, you should be prepared with an emergency descent solution just in case the bucket lowering mechanism of your boom truck fails. Additionally, you should get boom truck safety training before engaging in any type of work from the bucket of a boom truck.

These were some of the key differences between cranes and boom trucks, and the questions you should ask before operating from the bucket of a boom truck. You don’t have to buy crane trucks as there are boom truck rentals VA who rent them.

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