What can you expect from wisdom teeth removal and smile makeover?

Smile makeovers can help you to improve your smile and the dentist capable of doing it can also perform tooth extraction. Wisdom tooth has nothing to do with dental philosophy. When we shift onto adulthood, third molars erupt. It is regarded as the age of maturity and wisdom. Among all 32 teeth, your wisdom teeth which are 4 in number will surely bring about host of problems.

Wisdom tooth eruption can cause gum diseases, tooth decay, infections, and sores around the region of tooth and plague buildup. There are many who cannot bear the immense pain and thus go for tooth extraction. If you have frequent pain and discomfort in the area around your wisdom teeth, you can consult with your dentist to get immediate assistance. He can extract the tooth and provide you quick relief. The dentist will examine your oral health and suggest you an extraction procedure which suits you.

How to get a sparkling smile?

When you are entering a deal with your clients, you may find it uncomfortable to smile confidently due to the teeth stains, discoloration, broken or chipped teeth. This can create a negative impression on others. Smile makeover is the only way to acquire a dazzling or sparkling smile. Overlapping, decayed and crooked teeth may make it difficult for you to smile whole heartedly. Those having unattractive gaps in between, brown, yellowish or grey teeth, they need teeth cleaning and restorative services. Smile makeover can fix such issues in no time. Within 1-2 hours of visit to your dentist’s chamber, you will get the desired result.

Steps on smile makeover

Whether you are going for tooth extraction or smile makeover, the dentist will proceed in a systematic manner. He will first assess your oral health and will conduct the next series of steps. You are supposed to discuss all the essential points with your dentist including the procedures, the costs and the after effects.

When you visit the chamber for wisdom teeth removal falls church, maxillofacial surgeon will be doing the procedure. He will firstly use the anesthesia to numb the area and then proceed further. You can be given sedation anesthesia, local or general anesthesia. In the general anesthesia, you will be unconscious throughout the process. Proper follow up must be initiated after the treatment. The patient is supposed to prepare himself mentally for the surgery.

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