Top Natural Drain Cleaners You Should Know About

Drain cleaning services can be done through natural ingredients that can solve your problem in case of a clog or prevent it from happening altogether!


Many times when your drain is clogged, you cannot get a hold of the drain contractors. With every second in passing the danger of having clogged drains increases. So in such moment off need when you have nobody available to help you, you can try some of the natural ways a drain could be cleaned thoroughly. They might take time but they get the job done. Also it gives you time to contact the drain contractor and see if he/she is available.

Some of the natural ways to clean your drain are:

  1. Pour Water

Sometimes the drain is clogged because of the presence of some object or thing which is stuck in the opening of the pipe so what you have to do is simply pour water in maximum pressure down the drain. If the water rises up and slowly goes down, then your problem has solved but if it doesn’t then it means you have a bigger problem.

  1. Remove The Gunk

Drain cleaning can be ensured when all the gunk blocking the pipes can be removed. You can try it out yourself by either taking a sharp steel stick or attaching a hook to it or better yet take a steel coat hanger, straighten it up and push it down the drain slowly. Then start pulling it out slowly by carefully moving the stick towards the side so as to properly clean out all the gunk.

  1. Use Vinegar And Baking Soda

This is one of the methods which has proved to be quite effective numerous times. First you pour one cup of baking soda down the drain, then back it up by pouring vinegar slowly. Wait for five minutes so the mixture can react together. Now pour boiling water down the drain. The vinegar and baking soda poured first will react and create a fizz which will loosen up whatever garbage is stuck in your pipes. The boiling water will wash it away. If this doesn’t work, then repeat the procedure and use something sharp for extra credit.

  1. Use Baking Soda And Cream Tartar

The next method to in drain cleaning is to use baking soda and cream of tartar. Mix together in a container some baking soda, cream of tartar and salt thoroughly. Shake the mixture well and pour it down your drains. The baking soda and salt works in removing the gunk while the cream of tartar naturally cleans the pipes. After some time, pour boiling water down so as to remove the residue left behind as well as ensure the gunk goes down for good.

Final Verdict

Drain cleaning can be a hard job especially when you have no access to the drain contractors westchester ny however these natural remedies are said to be quite effective in their job and works just fine. So next time you experience a clog, work with these before you decide to call a drain contractor!

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