Sleep Apnea: How Can a Doctor Help?

Why you need sleep apnea doctor? Obstructive sleep apnea is a situation that stops right airflow while is sleeping. The tissue at the back of the throat will drop during sleep, which causes a partial stop of the trachea and hence decreases the amount of oxygen accessible for distribution to important organs.

Patients present loud snoring and may prevent breathing for a little period – the body wakes itself up when oxygen level down critically low. This can occur may times a night without the patient's complete knowledge, meaning that the patient does not enjoy a soothing sleep.

Another effect contains headaches, irritability in the morning, memory loss, impaired focus and depression and memory loss. Further, patients are at a higher danger of suffering heart strokes and problems and are some susceptible to accidents in the job place or on the road due to impaired focus.

A polysomnogram test may need to be done to examine brainwaves, heartbeat, limb movements and breathing while the patient is asleep.

The sleep/dentist expert will also be interested to know any underlying situations that may interfere with one's sleeping patterns e.g. medication and drugs, medication conditions and sleep disorder.

Insomnia treatment options


There are 2 main categories that insomnia treatments fall under:

  • Upper airway surgery
  • Oral appliance therapy

Oral appliance therapy (OAT)

The dentist will explain OAT where patients just present mild to moderate forms of sleep apnea. The primary line of treatment is continuous positive airway force or fitting an oral appliance to stop collapsing of the tongue. Behavioral changes are also advised e.g. losing some weight and replacing sleeping posture.

There are different designs for oral appliances, and the dentist will recommend a perfect one for your specific requirements. In many cases, custom designed appliances will be used as they are more perfect than standard OTC appliances. This will just be applied after a certified sleep physician has verified a diagnosis. Fitting of the appliance will be followed by a week of on-going assessment to determine effectiveness.

Upper airway surgery

This is the final option considered where other less invasive cures have been unhelpful or are painful to patients. There are many surgeries that can be done, and they are unique to the site of highest interference. The sleep disorder doctor md along with an ENT will support you plan the surgery to be done depending on the nature and place of obstruction.

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