Reasons Why Grease Trap Cleaning is Necessary for Your Restaurant

Each kitchen across the globe generates grease. After several months of spraying, scraping, and rinsing, it may be easy to forget just how crucial this task is to your restaurant success. With this in mind, below are some of the reminders on how important grease trap cleaning:

Drainage Clogging

At the core, the trap catches the grease before this reaches the typical drainage system. Due to its consistency, the oils and fats don’t drain properly in the liquid drainage system. Cleaning the grease trap is important for the reason that once the contents overflow, they’ll enter the standard drain. Once this occurs, there are several problems that may happen.

First and foremost, the drain may clog. If it happens, this makes every kitchen cleaning impossible until the drain is already cleared. This does not only slow down the business, yet makes for very unpleasant working condition. Oils and fats are very hard to clean out the pipes and this will take plumbers a long time to repair a major clog.

The bigger concern is once the contents do manage to get through kitchen drain and enter the system of sewage. If it happens, the grease may clog up public septic tanks and some waste disposal systems, which cause serious issues for a big group of people. If the septic tank in commercial areas were to back up, the human waste might bubble up to the surface, which cause odors and damage to the ground where tanks are buried.

Improved Safety for Kitchen

Grease trap cleaning is definitely important in avoiding the most harmful kind of kitchen fire. The grease fire burns very hot and it extremely hard to extinguish. Pouring the water on this kind of flame will do nothing yet spread the fire further in your entire kitchen, getting too big to contain. Avoiding such types of fire is simple when there’s only a small amount of grease to deal with. If the pan or pot catches fire, it’s easy to smother the flame and deprive this oxygen. Nevertheless, once oils and fats aren’t cleaned properly, these spread to the areas that you would not even think of. All it really takes is a stovetop burner that’s left unattended or several moments where the grill becomes really hot and the kitchen suddenly becomes a raging hell.

In case of a big fire, there are basically 2 options. Either you may contain the fire easily with the chemical fire extinguisher or you cannot. If you can’t, the only safe plan is evacuating immediately and calling the fire department.

Good grease trap cleaning must be a regular part of your restaurant’s upkeep. How frequently it happens depend on the amount of cooking that’s done every day. At bare minimum, the trap must be cleaned once every ninety days, yet must be check more frequently. You should also consider drain cleaning manhattan.

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